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Getting Ready For A Road Trip!

I LOVE road trips! It sucks that my last few trips have been to go see my doctors (no offense Dr. Jung & Dr. Shaw). It would just be nice to be going on a road trip for the sole purpose of going on a road trip, vacation, or to be spontaneous. Just to have some fun! Summer is almost here and I am finally starting to feel a bit better (it is about time - quick knock on wood that just because I said this I have not jinxed myself) and I am pretty determined not to let this MS take over anymore. I am SICK, SICK, SICK, and TIRED of it controlling my life. So, I am done allowing it to do so. I mean, granted, there is only so much control I have over that, I know. There are some things that I could be doing better though, and that is just what I intend to do.

For example, I had my last appointment with the physical therapist today and got a whole list of exercises to do at home (and the gym now that I will be going there instead). Plus, as of next week swimming three times a week (my goal is to get to where I can go every day) will also be a part of it. I met with a nutrition specialist yesterday and although I eat really healthy she gave me some really good tips for days when I am not feeling well and don't feel like cooking, or have road trips and MUST eat out. That is where I really fail. I will be working with her to make sure that I am doing everything I can do be as healthy as possible! My appointment tomorrow is with my neurologist and I will be talking to her about what more I can do to take back some control over my life.

This week has been crazy busy! I have had more appointments each day than I know what to do with. It is amazing that I am still able to stand up straight, lol. It seems that I am running around so much my head should be spinning. For example, today.....4 appointments, yesterday....2, Monday......also 4 appointments. Now, tomorrow I have to drive to Walla Walla at 7 am (which is about 1 hour to the east of where I live for an appointment) then back to get my things only to head out for my appointment in Seattle (which is 3 1/2 hours to the west of where I live). Friday will be much more relaxing. All I have to do is drive home and then I am done for a while! YEAH!

Tomorrow night is also the dinner through the National MS Society. I am taking my dad's digital camera (not sure if I will get pics at the dinner) and I will be posting the information as soon as I get back! There will be 4 of the top MS specialists at this dinner (limited seating, so it is more 1 on 1 questions) so there should be lots of great information. Also, this time of year it is so beautiful driving between here and Seattle. The Cascades are gorgeous! I will take some pictures and post them too! It will be a short trip, but I am gonna do my best to make some fun out of it.

Well, I hope all of you are doing good. If you are lucky, you are having a much more relaxing week than I am! Although, at PT, they did put me on this table where they hooked up these electrodes to my back and it had like a massage sensation. That was nice. If only I could get my hands on a machine like that for at home, that would be nice! I guess for now I just have to fork out the money and go get a massage like everyone else. :) Take care.

I decided it would only be appropriate to feature local music for the next few days. There have been a lot of GREAT bands to come out of the Seattle area over the years so I should have a ton of choices! This video is a bit strange, but the music has grown on me. The group, Modest Mouse is from Issaquah, Washington. Issaquah is just east of Seattle!


personallog! said...

Busy busy busy! Dont over do 'it' now.
Take care

camille said...

i miss you! hope to hear from you soon.enjoy your time out

Jaime said...

I am trying to not do too much. Things have been busy, but they are slowing down! I just seem to have had a lot of doctor's appointments as of lately. Now that I am starting to feel a little better (quick knock on wood, lol) things can slow down and I can relax a bit. :)

I miss you to Camille. I hope you are feeling better and the IVSM is not too bad.

I hope you guys are both doing well. I have missed you guys while I was away (and here recovering from my Avonex injection). You have been in my thoughts. Please take care and I will talk to you soon.

Love you guys!

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