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Open Mouth Insert Foot!

Not only did I speak too soon, I think I cursed is 11 p.m. and I have just been home a little while now. I have spent the majority of the day in the hospital. What a day! Shortly after my last post (around noon) I went to make myself lunch and doubled over in pain....then got VERY dizzy. I thought to myself...I should go and check my blood sugar level, just to be on the safe side. Some times I have low blood sugars. Thing is when I checked it the monitor said 498. I about had a heart attack! So I called my doctor who said "that is WAY to high, it's not because of how you are being followed by a dietician, you eat more healthy than most people I must be your meds, call your neurologist and let her know and then go straight to the ER, and drink some water on the way". So, after calling Dr. Jung's office to let her know what was going on, my dad so he could keep Nathan one more night, and printing out my medication list.....I decided to check my blood sugar once more. This time it said 539. Off to the ER.

I spent several hours what did I find out. Well, my fever has broken, my blood sugar is normal (turns out I had a batch of bad test strips.....all that worry for nothing, geez!) but I have blood in my urine.....possible kidney stone! Great! Just what I need. One more medical problem. The ER doc explained that this could be what caused that severe pain I had earlier and that my renal function is normal so if there is a kidney stone it will pass on its own (because it is small), however there is always the possibility that I already passed it. I am to drink lots of water and get some rest! There is also the possibility that this is not a kidney stone and it is simply put MS.

To top it all off (kidney stone or not) it is my MS! She informed me that I am having a flare....double GREAT! The reason that I could not get cool enough the day before yesterday and then I could not get warm enough yesterday (spent all day in sweats) even though it was 97` is because I am starting a flare. The doctors did not want to start me on steroids right now (I am kind of glad about that....seeing how I really don't like how they make me feel) because of the other side effects. She said they want to wait it out for a few days and see if I come around. My last flare was pretty bad (lasted 2 months or more) so I really pray this is nothing like that. They are hoping this will be mild and more effected because of the weather changes. She also mentioned that if I am having a kidney stone that would cause enough stress on my body to create a flare or mild the hope is that if I can stay down and take it easy for the next few days then maybe this will pass and my flare won't be so bad! One can only hope!

I think that I need to call or email my neurologists office tomorrow though and just let them know about the symptoms I am having. I don't think that the ER contacted her office, so it would probably be best to just notify them. So, these are the symptoms I am having now.....headache, head feels heavy, memory issues (kind of feel like I am in a fog, if that makes sense), vision problems - not really double, more blurry even with my glasses on, PAIN especially in the right abdominal area, back, and neck areas, very painful pins and needle feeling in my feet, numbness in both legs and right hand, week under knees, weak legs, charley horse feeling in left leg, twitch under my left eye, and dizzy (not really room spinning - more like when you have low blood sugar). I seem to be having hot and cold flashes too (earlier at the ER I could not get warm (I had like 4 of those heated blankets on me) now I am hot again and can't cool down. I am not sure what the deal is there. Over all....I just do not feel well. It just boils down to MS SUCKS! Oh well....what can you do but live with it, right?

Well....I am going to go for now and get some sleep! It may be a couple days before I post anything as I am planning to follow the doctors orders.......take it easy, get some sleep, and honestly.....the longer I am on the computer (the more blurry this all looks) so I am thinking I need a bit of a break. :) I hope you are all doing well. Please take care of yourselves and have a great weekend! Don't worry........we all have these from time to time....I'll be back soon (and better than ever)! PMA - Very Important!


matt said...

last night i saw something on the news about a run/walk thing for MS. i'm gonna ask around to find out more about it. i dunno if it's too late for me to participate, but it sounds like something i'd like to do. (just thought you might like to know lol.) and i hope the flare passes soon!

mdmhvonpa said...

"Over all....I just do not feel well."

Hmm, I just don't understand why ... ;P
Keep warm ... or cold ... whatever is working for you at the moment.

camille said...

jamie, i hope you will be ok. i am here for you.i read often. i hope this passes soon.i am worried i wish i lived closer,i would be there

Jaime said...

Hey Matt,

I think it is great that you want to get involved. I appreciate it and know that all the other MS'ers will also appreciate it! They were probably talking about the National MS Soceity (NMSS) MS Walk. They host one is almost every community in the country and you can sign up even on the day of the walk. The goal of course is to raise money for research, etc. but even walking gets awareness out to people.....and that is a big help! They also have a 150 bike event.

I hope you are well. Please let me know if you end up walking! Thanks for the well wishes too. My doc thinks it's due to the HOT weather. I'm doing my best to keep cool. :)

Take care,

Jaime said...


I am glad to hear from you! You have been quite busy yourself these days...please be sure to get some rest and take it easy. I am doing my best to stay cool. I think my body is confused, lol. One minute hot, next cold. If only I could make up my mind, eh? Oh well....such is life! :)


Jaime said...

Thanks Camille! You are always so sweet. It seems that this is not a true flare but more of an issue with the heat. Only two more months of summer to go! :) I am doing my very best to stay cool and that seems to help, but you know how it is....symptoms still suck! I appreciate your friendship and caring! I hope you are doing well. Take care.


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