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I'm Still Here....

I know it has been a while since I have written anything. I am sorry for that. I have been really tired and not feeling well. Over all the chemo went well, I think that my immune system is just run down right now because of the chemo and so I am hoping I will soon start to feel better. The oncologist explained to me that the first two weeks is when your immune system (blood counts, etc.) are lowered and so it is important not to over do it and not to get sick. Well, I am trying really hard not to get sick but I think I over did myself this weekend. Oops! He explained that the blood counts are at their lowest on the 14th day (which for me is on the 20th) and then the immune system starts to rebuild itself. I am staying positive that once that happens I will feel better than ever! One can hope.

I have had an increase in my MS symptoms over the last few days....headaches, fatigue, but the worst would have to be that I am shaky (feel off balance) and my eyes are acting up again. Once again that twitch has decided to show itself and my vision has not been great (even with the glasses on). I have also been having a whole lot of dizziness/vertigo...not sure what to call it. I look up, down, to the side, sit up....all things that seem to throw me off. My hope is that this is all a fluke but there is always the thought in the back of my mind that this better not be the start of something more. I have already had 3 relapses in a year....this better not be a 4th. Not to mention the last one was just in August. I need more than a month in between relapses thank you very much! So....nothing but positive thoughts. :)

I sure hope that all of you are doing well. I can only take a little bit on the computer at a time, so I have not been able to keep up with you all as much as I would like. I have missed you and will do my best to get around to each of you as soon as I can. Please take care of yourselves.

I have not done music in a while and so I decided to put this on. I love this song and especially the guitar! Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds #41


Baitulos said...


Wishes of "Get Well Soon" are headed your way...or at least the modified version of, "That crap better leave you". LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I can't speak for anybody else (I wouldn't presume :-) but I'm doing all right.

I hope you get over the "noise" in your nervous system.

Stay cool, stay quiet, stay calm.

BTW I've just uploaded another podcast at

Stay hale and tell me if cool and quiet works for you.


Anonymous said...

The oncologist explained to me that the first two weeks is when your immune system (blood counts, etc.) are lowered and so it is important not to over do it and not to get sick.

LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTORS! I heard something once: "Listen to advice given freely, but pay close attention to advice you pay for."

Anonymous said...

Make sure to listen to your doctors ... that's what you pay them for!

Suzy said...

Oh girl my heart goes out to you. I hope you are doing a bit better today?

If you have the chance let me know how you are....when I don't see a comment from you I start wondering how things are going. How's your support system out there?

Please take care of yourself and REST! My prayers are being sent up for you!

Anonymous said...

We are sending up lots of prayer for you and sending huge hugs your way. Please take care and know you are cared about by many.

Jaime said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I am right there with the "that crap better leave" and I am sure it will. I have a bit of a cold and so I am thinking that between that and the chemo my MS is just acting up a bit. I don't think it is the beginning of anything least I hope not. I have too much to do! :) I hope you are doing well. Take care.

Jaime said...

Thanks for the well wishes Charles. The weather has cooled off a bit so I am not having any problems staying cool (finally!) LOL I am glad to hear you are doing well. Take care.

Jaime said...

Easier said that done. Of course it is important to listen to the doctors, and I do. My one down fall however is staying down for very long. There are things that need to be done around the house, etc. and unless I do them they don't get done. In a perfect world, eh? And, although there is some great news shows on TV...there is only so much I can stand to watch! :) LOL I hope you are doing well. Take care.

Jaime said...

I am doing much better today, thanks! I have a bit of a cold and so I think that may be part of why I am so tired, but each day I do seem to get better (now I just need to get rid of my headache). I hope you are doing well. I will get around to your blog soon. I promise. :)
Take care,

Jaime said...

Thanks for the well wishes and prayers Vivian. I hope you and your family are all well.

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