This is MY journey with MS! I give you my thoughts, feelings, hopes, and prayers. My wish that one day this disease will come to an end. That one day there will be a cure. For now, I hold on to possibility. I HOPE this will help and inspire not only myself but others.
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Results are in........or at least most of them are!

With the exception of my 3 week MRI scheduled for Thursday, I have completed my pre-transplant tests. Most of the results are in and so far everything is looking good. My blood levels are good, liver function is a little elevated but that is normal for me. Of the viruses they tested me for I was negative on all but HSV-1 (which I have been told is what causes cold sores) and Varicella (chickenpox) and from what they tell me about 97% of the US population has been exposed to these. I was also told that something like 70% have been exposed to HSV-2 and CMV, but I'm not one of them. :)

I have to admit that I have been quite anxious about all of these tests. I mean, most of my worries are probably a little irrational, but this has all been a lot to take in and I feel like I have a lot riding on this transplant.....after all I just may get my life back! Considering the circumstances having anxiety/fear probably are not irrational, at least from an emotional stand point, but from a logical stand point some of my worries were very much irrational. Mainly my worry about the spinal tap results. I know I have MS. My diagnosis was confirmed through both MRI and spinal tap just over 5 years ago and I have Dawson's Fingers, which I have been told is only seen in MS. But, with them retesting my spinal fluid at one point last week I thought to myself, this is really gonna SUCK if they come back and say "well, the spinal tap was normal...there is no evidence of MS" Granted one day I want to hear those very words, sooner than later I hope, BUT for now that would not be good. I have been so hopeful of this transplant and the opportunities it can bring for me that I think on some level I would be devastated if it didn't happen. Fortunately everything seems to be falling into place.

Now I know there are still no I said most of the results are in, but there are still a few we are waiting on. My PA told me today that they would be very surprised at this point if something turned up though. The only things that we are waiting on are the bone marrow biopsy results, the culture results (which were to make sure I have not been exposed to MRSA and/or VRE: Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus) and then of course the MRI on Thursday but seeing how I don't typically have a lot of changes when it comes to MRI's I can't imagine there would be much change from the one I had 3 weeks ago.

So I don't have my schedule past what I posted last, but what I have been told is that my data review will most likely be Monday. From there I will have my Hickman Cath placed, Apheresis of my white blood cells (for storage) and growth hormone injections started (to stimulate the growth of the stem cells). At some point I will also have a dental cleaning. My dental exam was today and I was told I do a very good job at keeping my teeth and gums healthy, but the chemo can do funny things and so they do a cleaning just before to make sure any risk (even small ones) of infection are reduced. That's all I know for now. The good news is I get to go home this weekend. :)

Any how, I hope that this finds all of you doing well. As I know more I will update. Until next time.....


Jaime said...

I'm glad things are going well!

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