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Computers Are Fixed & I'm Hurting!

Thanks to a wonderfully brilliant man (Mike) not one, but BOTH of my computers are fixed! There was nothing really wrong with my desktop computer. One of the settings in order to connect (I think it was something to do with the modem) was set up incorrectly. It was as simple as a box needing to be unchecked. How silly is that? The funny thing is that I had talked to my broadband provider on two separate occasions and was told that I needed a new Ethernet card. My laptop....that was a WHOLE other story. The hard drive had seen its day! It was toast and nothing was able to be salvaged. :( There are worse things in life! I am happy with the results. Mike was able to put in a 10GB hard drive (temporary set up) while he orders me a 80GB hard drive. When the 80GB hard drive comes in then he will swap them out. :) So, how great is that! All in one day......both of my computers are fixed, and not only that...he networked them together! I am so grateful to him. I am not sure what I would have done without him!

I have been keeping myself busy lately. My housing inspection is coming up soon and so I have had to get all of the paperwork together and submitted (today was the deadline). It is not a difficult process, only it is time consuming. Now that everything is done it is a waiting game. I just have to wait for a letter to come in the mail telling me when someone will come to inspect my apartment. Speaking of inspections, I get to have an extra inspection this year. I was talking to my landlord this morning and she asked me if she could bring by the insurance agents inspectors on Friday because they need to inspect 5 apartments each year in order to renew their fire insurance for the complex. She knows I keep up my apartment so she wants to use my apartment as one of them that they inspect. I am not sure what all they look for with a fire inspection, but I am sure it will be fine.

I am hurting today! Nothing to worry about. It is the kind of pain you get the day after you have been to the gym and had a real good work out. That is exactly what this is (I am sure that is all it is). I think I over did it at the gym yesterday. Recently I joined the Columbia Basin Racquet Club where I am meeting with a trainer to get the right balance between swimming (for my MS) and low impact weight baring exercise (for my Osteopenia). Yesterday was our first meeting but we were unable to do everything. I meet with her again on Tuesday. :) Since we were unable to do a lot I decided to hit the pool. It has been a long time since I just went to swim laps. I have done water aerobics and pool therapy, but I forgot how good it felt to just swim laps. I also forgot how much that can really work your body! It will be good for me though. I am really excited about it! For the first time in about 5 years I am loosing weight and although I have these challenges with my health (when haven't I? I have been sick forever it seems) I am taking control of it all! That is something isn't it?! That is something to be proud of, something to be happy about! According to my doctors the pain that I am feeling right now is just where I need to be to have it work. In order for the bones to heal I have to have some pain but I need to do it on a level that is not severe enough to cause damage to my MS. It is all about learning my limitations which is why I am taking it easy today. My goal is to eventually get to where I can go everyday! I want to rotate. Swim one day, do weights the next. That would be great! It will take me a while. One step at a time. But I WILL get there. From what I have read and been told by doctors, exercise and diet are key components to the fight against MS. So, I intend to do all I can to FIGHT! After all, I have too much to fight for......too much to live for!

I hope you are well. Please take care of yourselves. I am sure glad to be back. I have missed you!


personallog! said...

Great tune I love KT! It looks like you on the up here! I am glad.
Love from afar!

mdmhvonpa said...

Sad you have to live with pain ... It's just not fair. Speaking of inspections, I get to have an extra inspection this year. ... that would certainly make me feel a bit wierd.

Jaime said...

The inspections are mandatory when it comes to disability housing. One more reason to fight this disease eh?

If I can get to a point where I am healthy enough to go back to work again (even part-time), maybe I won't have to rely on 'the system' and could rely more on my experience and education (which has so far been put on the back burner). That would be lovely!

I don't mind living with the pain because I know my body will adjust and the it will all be worth it in the end! :)

Jimmy M. Espana said...

I'm glad everything worked out with your computers...... I have also been doing some computer work myself.... Take care.

Jaime said...

Good luck with your computer problems Jimmy. It can be so frustrating when they don't cooperate. I have been very fortunate to be blessed with people in my life who know how to fix them when things do go wrong. :) Take care. Jaime

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