This is MY journey with MS! I give you my thoughts, feelings, hopes, and prayers. My wish that one day this disease will come to an end. That one day there will be a cure. For now, I hold on to possibility. I HOPE this will help and inspire not only myself but others.
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I Can See!

It is amazing what a difference a new pair of glasses can make. I did not really think that my prescription changed all that much, but it turns out this last flare really did a number on my eyesight. I have always had very sensitive eyes (light blue eyes & the need to wear sunglasses even in the winter) but lately even that has gotten worse. Then over the last couple of months (since my flare) I started to notice more and more problems with my eyesight. At first I just assumed it was because of my flare and that once my flare went away, my eyes would be okay. I have had vision problems with other flares, so I really did not think too much of it. I had eyeglasses, but the prescription was not strong and I only really needed them for reading or for driving at night. Especially at night. I am SO blind at night, its not funny.

Anyway, over the last couple of months I started to notice that even with my glasses on I was having blurred vision. Then about a month ago I noticed that I could not even read the menu on my TV from my couch (also with my glasses on). Now that did not seem right to me, so after some investigation with the insurance company to see what kind of coverage I have, I made an appointment. Sure enough, my latest flare did quite a number on my eyes. I needed to get new glasses, and the prescription is quite a bit different. She said that I was probably having some ON during the relapse (little inflammation present) but that my eyes looked really good considering (thank goodness!)

Now, I just have to go back tomorrow morning for one more test. I did not have a driver with me so I have to go back in to get my eyes dilated, fun. I was not so sure about my glasses at first (see picture above, similar to mine). But, they are growing on me now. I mean, they look good on other people, but I just liked my other glasses. The nice piece though is that I was able to get the UV protection (which I think is pretty standard now, plus I have such light eyes that they recommend it) and a light gray tinting, which is really nice, because they protect my eyes a little more from the sun, but are light enough that I can still wear them at night, in the dark, in doors, etc.

Nathan had his appointment with the counselor today and it went really well. They talked a little about MS and Nathan asked who Montell Williams is, lol (the counselor was trying to name some famous people who have MS so that he can relate what I have with someone he may have seen on TV or heard on the radio), but he still does not really want to talk much about it. That is okay! I can see it in his eyes how hurt he is. He is trying to be strong, but is in pain. I hope he can be okay soon! At least he knows that I am here to answer any questions he has when he does want to talk, that no matter what I will be here for him. That is ultimately what is important.

I decided that maybe all of this is just too much for him right now, but one day he may want to look back and understand better about what went on (by then I may not be able to remember). So, I have printed out all of my postings (and your comments) and I am keeping them in a binder. I am saving them for him to read over whenever he wants. Nathan really identifies with music too, so I have been downloading the music that I put on here (which I have tried to do based on my mood, post, what is going on at the time, holiday, etc.) and I am creating CD's to go in that binder. It will be a work in progress. One that he may decide he does not need to read, but in the event he wants to, I want to have something available for him. I am hoping that this will help him better understand this illness, not just from the eyes of a boy, but from the eyes of a group of people who live it everyday.

Well, I hope that you are all doing well and have had a nice week. Tomorrow is Friday (TGIF) and this weekend is Mother's Day! :) Please take care of yourselves. I wish you all the best.

Oh and by the way, you may want to check out these articles........More MS news! Let's look forward with HOPE.
  • A new type of cell that generates crucial cells of the immune system has been discovered at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.
  • Interferon-gamma (not Interferon-beta currently used to treat MS) plays a critical role in damaging the cells that produce myelin, a new way to preserve cells could lead to new treatments!

    personallog! said...

    Your pic is lovley! What a beautiful woman hey kids! Your glasses look cool too!hehe!

    Hope you are well and you got some sleep!

    mdmhvonpa said...

    Idea: Big Brothers/Sisters of America?

    Jaime said...

    Thanks Dave! The pic on my blog is not me, but the glasses are very similar to what mine look like, just to be clear. :)

    I was able to get some sleep. Thanks for your concern. I hope the jump goes well.


    Jaime said...

    I never even thought of the Big Brothers/Sisters of America. I will have to check and see if they offer a program in our area. Thanks for the idea. I did look into the Boys & Girls Club and was amazed to find out how much it cost!!! I thought those types of things were there to help people like my son, but I suppose they too have turned into a daycare service. Oh well. I hope you are well. Take care.

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