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Stress! I don't really feel like I am under a lot of stress right now, but I suspect that is my problem. It is the first of the month and it has finally happened.....I am without any kind of health insurance, well, kind of. My spenddown plan has kicked in as of this month so I am not sure when or how I am going to make things work in regards to paying for that $1536 deductible. What a pain! I have spent the last couple months trying to prepare for this and I've applied to every place I could find but there is just not any funding available anywhere, it seems. No one seems to be donating any money right now. I wonder what that is all about?! :( The sad part is that my need is $1536 because I do have insurance that will kick in after that amount is paid, I hate to think of all the other MS'ers out there who need even more help and can't get it. If you are reading this and can help....please go to the Patient Access Network Foundation or one of the other foundations and donate some money!

So, I have two Avonex injections left and then I am not sure what to do. I contacted the people over at MS Active Source/Biogen and they have their research group working on what my options are. So far it does not appear that they have a prescription assistance program and the cost is aprox. $1300/mo. I can't afford that! Although, that would basically take care of my spenddown. I have been checking into prescription programs for some of my other meds and it is about a 50/50 thing. Some of the companies offer them and others don't. I have a feeling this is going to turn into a very stressful thing. I checked into the prescription programs once before but most of them would not accept my application when I had insurance. They told me to wait until my insurance changed, so here I am. I think if I can get the majority of the meds through this route (at least temporarily - for two years until Medicare kicks in) then that would be one less thing to worry about.

Next, I called and checked on my application to Washington Basic Health. It is a health plan that I applied to a couple months ago. The coverage is not that great, but I think it would buy me a couple of years until the Medicare kicked in. At least it would get me in to see the doctors and get my labs done/MRI's, etc. The application is still in processing. They needed some more information so I am gathering all that for them. Hopefully I can get it all for them and faxed to them by the first of next week. Between the two things....Basic Health and the prescription assistance I should be able to make things work until the $1536 is met, and then the other medical would kick in which covers 100% anyway. Have you ever noticed how much work it is when you have an illness? Being sick is more stress, more pain, and more illness! Oh to be healthy, eh?!

I emailed Dr. Jung (my neurologist) to see what she would like me to do. I have an appointment scheduled to see her in July. She mentioned that if I can't get somethings worked out in regards to prescription coverage then we may want to consider Tysabri which would be done in her office (therefore billed directly to the insurance along with the office visit). I think I need learn more about Tysabri. I am a bit reluctant to switch to this medication in part because I am not familiar with it and in part because I live almost 4 hours from my neurologists office (where the infusions would need to take place each month). I would feel more comfortable doing the research on this medication and finalizing all of my insurance issues (or at least getting them as straight as possible) and then making an informed decision after discussing all the facts with all the information (including my current financial/insurance situation) with her. Most likely the best time for this would be at my July appointment. :) Let's hope it can wait!

The worse thing is I am not feeling well. Hopefully this does not mean I am coming down with something....especially if that something has anything to do with my MS. That is the last thing I need right now. I have been having pain and headaches,, Migraines! Everyday I wake up with one, for just over a week now. And I am SO tired. The kind of tired where I can't seem to stay awake for anything. That severe fatigue you get where you can sleep for hours and hours and feel like you have never slept at all. You never feel rested and your eyes are so heavy you can fall asleep in mid sentence, even your head feels heavy. That is how I feel. Even that twitch that I had for a long time, its back, under my left eye again. And, the pains I had in my feet they are back too. So, what does all this mean? I don't know...but I am not going to be happy if I am starting up a flare.

How about some good news.......Nate started his first job today! Okay, so he is too young to have a job, but he is really excited. Today he learned how to use the lawnmower and my dad is paying him to mow their lawn and help him do yard work this summer. My dad is having surgery (on his foot again, another toe) in the morning and so Nathan is going to mow their yard each week. Then once my dad is better he will help landscape the backyard (new house). Nate was so excited about his "new" job he talked my parents neighbor into letting him mow their yard too! :) He made $18 today. Pretty good for an 11 year old.

Well, I hope that you are all doing well and feeling good. Please take care of yourselves.


personallog! said...

ahhh babe you are going through the wars arn't you. I wish I could help or at least give you a hug but I am miles away. the whole medical/finance thing is horrible in any contry and I understand that. I saw you signed in to msn at 5 in the morning. Were you awake with the avonex/stress?.....Well stop it you won't be any good to anyone if you dont rest up and try to sleep.

I am so happy that Nat is working, good on him and well done chap.

Take care babe

mdmhvonpa said...

Dr. Jung (my neurologist) ... as opposed to Dr. Jung the psychiatrist! ;)

Jaime said...

Oh Dave, I was sleeping at 5 am. I left my computer on last night to do some updates...I guess I did not realize the messenger was on too. Sorry for worrying you! Thanks for checking up on me though, that was very sweet of you. :)

Mdmhvonpa, I wonder if there is any relation between the two Dr. Jung's? Obviously not the same person. I can tell you that my Dr. Jung, however is a genious! She has been wonderful to me.

I hope you are both doing well. Please take care of yourselves.


Iain Dughlais said...

I have the solution to all your financial problems concerning your medical costs:

become a Canadian!

The most I've ever paid for any drug is $5. My MS drugs are paid for by the government and don't cost me a dime. You should consider it! ;) Lots of of room up here.

Hey, probably not an option but I hope you find some relief soon. Hang in there.

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