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Do Over?

Today is one of those days where I think I must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Nothing seems to be going my way today. I wonder if I went back to bed if everything would just work itself know, like a do over. Unfortunately it is not that easy. Wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy though?

I am not a morning person...I mean, I do okay in the mornings but it takes me a while to get up and going. I am sure some of this has to do with my MS and some of it may just be my hardwiring....I am more of a night owl.

I started the morning off with a doctor's appointment...never a good idea, lol. Actually the appointment went okay, it was the fact that I was referred to this doctor by my PCP and well there was not much this doctor could do for me considering my PCP forgot to send my medical records. Nice! This doctor examined me anyway and took my H&P then had me reschedule for a later that he could review my records first. Talk about frustrating...not with the new doctor at all...but that stupid PCP office always seems to be dropping the ball. Did I mention that Rheumatology referral from over 2 months ago still has not been completed. Yep...time to get a new PCP office I think. I better hurry too....they are about to drive me insane.

Next I get home only to find out that there is a hold up with my starting the Novantrone. See, in order for my neuro to write the orders she would have to have hospital privileges where I have the infusion done, so I can either go to Seattle or have a local doctor write the orders. That doesn't seem like it would be too difficult right? WRONG. The local neuro won't write orders for Novantrone (even though I have seen her before and she has hospital privileges....Christina you know who I am talking about). She doesn't feel comfortable writing orders for Novantrone because it is a chemo drug so I have to be referred to an Oncologist and must establish care before I can have the infusion. This could possibly take another couple weeks or even longer. Frustrating! I just want to get it done and over with so I can feel better already. Now I am waiting to find out when the Oncologist can get me in....if it too far out then my neuro is going to have me just come to Seattle for the infusion.

Then I decide to check my email only to find out that my son is having problems in school. He has been telling me that he likes school....his classes and teachers, but he is not doing the work, he has even been skipping his first class (I suspect to finish homework because I found out he has not been bringing home all that he needs to do and has been lying about it). What am I going to do with him? He is too young if you ask me to start this behavior. What the heck is that all about? I am not sure if he is struggling with the new is quite different after all from elementary and there is much more responsibility. Or, maybe he is getting bored (he has been in quite a bit of trouble for not paying attention and drawing in class rather than doing his classwork recently). I know he worries about me and that this illness impacts him (my starting chemo....he is 11 and so I don't think he really understands that this is a positive thing that can help me...even though I tell him that it is). I know it is not easy for him but this should not be an excuse for him to act out. I just don't get it. I mean, I acted out when I was a teenager....but I was much high school before I ever tried to skip school or do anything stupid and I always got my work done. He has an appointment with his casemanager tomorrow....I sure hope she has some suggestions of what to do to help him. the day so far has sucked! It is early though and so I am trying to remain positive (PMA....must stay positive) that the rest of the day (and hopefully week) will go nice and smooth. Maybe I need to just get away for a while....maybe today I will take a drive (yes, going for a drive and blasting the stereo actually relaxes me...I know I am strange, lol). I sure hope all of you are doing well. Take care!
:) <--- this is me being positive!

9 comments: said...

Well, as they say in the PacNorthWest (and actually other parts of the country too LOL) "When it rains, it pours". I hope this is the last of your down pour for a while...good luck with the Novantrone as I'm sure somebody will figure it out for you...eventually.

Linda D. in Seattle

mdmhvonpa said...

Rotten string of luck there ... I certainly hope it all improves. When you are in the gutter, everything has to look up ... unless you get sucked into the sewers!

Jaime said...

You sure hit that one on the seems to be flooding over here this week. Actually the weather is is just not all fun and games at this point. Worse thing is patience is NOT my strongsuit...probably why this is happening, lol. I know it will all work out...some how it always does.
Take care of yourself.

Jaime said...

You can say that again...Rotton luck is right. The rest of the day did not go any better. I am hoping it was just one of those days (which should give me a pass for nothing but good the rest of the week....right?)
I hope you are doing well. Take care.

personallog! said...


Great tune today. I love audioslave. Sorry you having a hard time. Just a warning for the infusion...They will have to mix the novatone on the day you go there(which ever site you need to go too!) so be prepaired to wait couple of hours before you get it. Take a book! I have missed you loads and I am sorry I havent been in touch. Love ya babe

personallog! said...


Great tune today. I love audioslave. Sorry you having a hard time. Just a warning for the infusion...They will have to mix the novatone on the day you go there(which ever site you need to go too!) so be prepaired to wait couple of hours before you get it. Take a book! I have missed you loads and I am sorry I havent been in touch. Love ya babe

Anonymous said...

i did some skipping here and there and doig some other irrisponsible things around that age. when i realized how it was affecting my grades and stuff i pulled myself back together tho. so now i'm an A student again. :D

he just needs to realize what skipping could do to him in the long run. then he'll clean is act up. don't worry, it'll get better.

Jaime said...

Hey Matt!

It is great to hear from you. It turns out that Nate has not actually been skipping but that if you arrive to class even 10 minutes late then you don't get credit for being in class and it is considered an unexcused absence. I got a letter this week saying that he had been absent a few times and when I asked Nate about it he claimed he was in class.

I thought before I got into it with him I would check with the school to find out more info (trying to give him the benefit, you know) and I was told that he was indeed there all of those days, only he showed up late because he was trying to finish up a couple problems on his homework.

Since I got the letter though and talked to him about it he has not been late at all. He has even been a little better about doing homework at night. I think the letter scared him. Whatever works, eh?

I hope that you are doing well. How is school going for you? Take care of yourself.


Suzy said...

I've been meaning to respond to your email....things around here have been so darn busy and I'm in bed alot lately. Ughhh...but I haven't forgotten you, I promise!! I sure hope things smooth out and you get the paperwork necessary to get things started. I know how bad it sucks when things fall through the cracks. It seems to happen to me alot, too. Frustrating to be sure!!

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