This is MY journey with MS! I give you my thoughts, feelings, hopes, and prayers. My wish that one day this disease will come to an end. That one day there will be a cure. For now, I hold on to possibility. I HOPE this will help and inspire not only myself but others.
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Hi everyone. I am sorry I have not written anything in a while. I have been very busy helping to sell the Everybody Falls CD. My family has been out at the local Wal-mart stores selling the CD and in the last two days we have already made $620. :) Every dollar helps, so I am really happy that I am feeling well enough to be able to do this.

Tonight I was on the local news and tomorrow morning at 7:20 am and 5:50 pm I will be on the local news radio station helping to raise awareness of MS. The radio station had me go in yesterday to do a 5 minute interview and it will be played tomorrow. It turned out pretty good...I was very nervous, lol, and I am hoping that I will be able to get a copy of it (they said it could take a couple days but that they would get a CD made for me). I am hoping to get it and put it up here!

I want to thank all of you that have purchased a CD. I really think this is a great project as it will be not only bring more awareness to MS but raise lots of money to help all of us.

I also am happy to report that I think I am responding well to the Novantrone. The first couple of weeks I was not so sure, as I was still having a lot of problems. For the past week though I have had more energy and over all am noticing that each day I seem to feel just a little bit better. Now I am just hoping I will continue to respond. I did have an eye appointment on Monday that showed my ON has not gotten any better though, so I am just hoping that is because it can take a long time for it to get better. I have heard sometimes it can take a few months before the ON significantly improves and so I am sure that is all that is happening.

I hope that all of you are doing well. Please take care of yourselves and please support MSAA & Everybody Falls.



ckays1967 said...

Having not had internet for a week and having been SICK the week before imagine my surprize when while ironing Charley's shirt for work just now I saw my friend on the 11 o'clock news!!!!

I heard Scott say something about MS and Jamie Hxxxxxx and I was like, "Hey, I KNOW her." And then there you where right there on my TV in my bedroom.


Right in front of my sleeping husband.

Now a stalker can find me for sure! But I do have a really, really big dog.

Anonymous said...

Over the first bump with Novantrone ... most excellent! Here is to the hopes that all your adventures will be joyful and full of promise.

Jaime said...

It is so great to hear from you. I hope this means that you are feeling better and maybe you will be stopping by the Wal-mart in Pasco tomorrow to say hi!

KEPR and KVEW are also supposed to be coming out to do a story...either today or tomorrow. I also was on KONA radio 610 am this morning and will be on again between 5-6 tonight.

I figure the more publicity the better, seeing how it will help all of us with MS. :)

I hope to see you out there. Take care of yourself.


Jaime said...

Thanks Mdmhvonpa! I hope to continue to feel better with each day. It is nice to feel somewhat normal again. :)

I hope you are doing good as well. Take care.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you again for the interview. Here is a copy of the script, which should be available on our website later this evening. Thanks again!
Emily Jaceks

A little music could go a long way for a local charity. Volunteers are selling CD's at Wal-Marts across the Tri-Cities this weekend. The CD includes original songs written by an MS sufferer.
Ninety-percent of all proceeds will go to the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. The project's goal is to raise two million dollars over the next year.
"What we really want to do is raise money and awareness at the same time. Washington State has one of the highest rates of MS in the nation and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a lot of programs in this area, so we really want to get that awareness out," said local volunteer Jaime Haggarty.
You can purchase a CD at the Pasco Wal-Mart Saturday starting at 10 AM.


Michelle said...


Kudos girl! What a vaillant effort and gusto that you have lately. THanks for stopping by. I realize that you have been a little busy lately and it was good to see your post. I love the songs. Do they both download? I could only get one of them to play. Could be a case of me being weird! LOL. Bye pretty lady!

Jaime said...

Hey Michelle!
It is so great to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. Both songs should download, maybe the server was busy. I guess I should probably double check this. lol
Anyway, please take care of yourself and keep in touch.
Talk to you soon,

Baitulos said...


WooHoo and thank Yooo! Fabulous outreach and great story...glad to hear you are kicking some MS a$$ both physically with the Novantrone and via CD sales...

Linda D. in Seattle

Anonymous said...

I am looking at the CD right now. (Yes, I pad the ten bucks and received it from Anacortes in the mail with alacrity and dispatch :-)

It sounds good.

I am going to try to get in touch with Erik and see if I can play a tune on my podcast. ( )

Jaime said...

I spoke with Jilladair and it is okay for you to play a tune on your podcast. Thanks again for supporting the MSAA and purchasing Everybody Falls.

By the can contact Erik through

Jaime said...

It feels great to be able to do something to help raise awareness and money for all of us who have this illness. :)

ckays1967 said...


I am gonna try and see you today!!!

Hope you are at the Pasco store!!


Jaime said...

I wish I was at the Pasco store yesterday to see you. We actually are at the Pasco store on Saturday and Sunday and in Richland during the week. I am also hoping to get a few days out at the Kennewick location but I am not sure if that will pan out. Anyway, I do hope you will stop by on Saturday or Sunday. I would love to see you.
Take care,

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