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I Know, I Know...

I know, I know.....make up my mind already. The thing is. I liked the dragonfly template, but I just was not satisfied with it. Not to mention after a few days the background color bothered my was just too dark!

So, after some fooling around this is what I have come up with. I really like it. Okay, I know....I said that before. And, this template is not perfect either. I have found a glitch. It does not seem to be completely compatible with Firefox....for some reason. I am not sure what that is all about. You can still access it on Firefox and you can still read it and get everything like you would on any other browser, but that one browser just does not show it the way it was meant to be. Hmmm.....

So, give me your input. For the full effect you will need to use something other than Firefox (sorry for those of you who are faithful FF users). If I was more of a computer geek I could probably figure out the problem and fix it, but I am just not quite to that point yet. Maybe I need to send the coding over to mdmhvonpa and have him work on it! LOL We all know he is the techie in the group. ;)

Now that I have updated you all on is what has been going on with me the last few days. My headache is still here, but the good news is my appetite is back and the nausea seems to be (although slowly) going away! I am starting to get around a little bit better as well. Now that I have said that I am making sure this time that I don't over do things, so in preperation of the holidays my wonderful family have hired a housekeeper to come do deep cleaning around my house so that I don't have to worry about anything but just the maintence stuff. This last couple, three weeks was no fun for any of us and none of us want to go through that again (even my neurologist said to me as I was leaving her office that my email gave her some chest pain....sorry about that!) Of course I would just prefer to be healthy and never deal with any of this, but the good Lord seems to have a plan that consists of me with this whatever, right? I just know that for the next little while I will be taking it easy. With the holidays quickly approaching and my next Novantrone scheduled for the first week in January. I think it is best that I take it easy for a while.

I know I have not left comments for all of you, but I have been reading. My eyes are still bothering me some (hence the change of template once again) and I have noticed one new thing come up. I am sure it is just me getting used to the new medication....actually when I get done here I think I need to look it up. I started taking Verapamil and I have been having some really vivid, strange dreams.....some are really scary. I am not sure if this is a side effect of the medication. I have heard of these types of side effects with anti-depressants, but this is not that kind of medication. Oh, geez....I think I will just go I am curious.

Okay, well I just answered my own question. LOL I just looked up on Medline plus and it says that if the side-effects listed become severe or don't go away then to call your doctor. On that list is vivid, unusual dreams. Interesting! Well, I have not been on the medication for long, so I guess I will just have to wait it out and see. The last couple of nights have not been as bad, and I would not even want to try and discribe the first couple of nights. It was like watching some horror movie or something....almost like a night terror is what I thought, but I was not sure because I have never had one of those. It always amazes me how medication can help us in some ways but there is always some side effect that comes from it. Sometimes it does not last and/or is not big deal and sometimes it is major (like I was reading that poor Linda over at Braincheese had a really bad reaction to Tysabri....everyone should go over and wish her well. I hope you are doing better!) Just goes to show that nothing is perfect. Fortunately there are a lot of wonderful people in this world working long and hard to try and find the answers to help us! :)


Linda D said...

I like the new template and it IS easier on the eyes! It has some weird "wholesome" effect...kinda strange comment coming from me, but hard to find quite the right words...LOL

Thanks for the well-wishes also and of course, back atcha!

Linda D. in Seattle

mdmhvonpa said...

Whew ... I opened this with Firefox and said ... WTF!? I thought yoou liked the generic wrapper! LOL. Either way, as long as I can read the text the foofy-art stuff means little to me. I guess that makes me a stoic spartan or something.

Jaime said...

I knew you were a Firefox man and so that is exactly why I left that warning. I learned early on that when you are fooling around with coding it is smart to check and see if it will open in other browsers. I don't have a netscape browser, I only have Firefox and IE...but I did some checking into this template and hear that the only problems are with Firefox. Go figure.

Anyway, so if you want it pretty you will have to open it with IE! Sorry about that. Otherwise, you can get it all for the generic view at Firefox. LOL

Jaime said...

It MUST be all those 'roids they have been pumping in you for you to leave such a comment. ;)

I do like this template much better as well. The dragonfly was pretty....but there was only so much I could take. I am glad to here someone agrees with me. yay! lol Anyway, I do hope that you are feeling better and those 'roids are working for you. You have sure been through enough. First the Tysabri, now a relapse. You poor thing. You are in my thoughts. Take care.

personallog! said...

It looks very pretty babe same as you!

Love ya

Gandksmom said...

Can you please send me your e-mail? I wanted to talk to you more about the medical stuff you mentioned in my blog.

Zee said...

I use Firefox too and had to migrate over to IE temporarily to see your site! Very pretty. :) I'm a bit of a geek but not nearly as up-to-speed on CSS as I need to be so, alas, cannot offer any insights.

I did want to drop by and say thanks for visiting earlier! I've been reading your posts through my RSS reader so I'm staying up to date; just been crazed with work and school so I don't always make it to your site but you're in my thoughts! Glad things seem to be looking up and here's hoping the crazy-ass dreams go away!!

Jaime said...

Dave, thanks for the very sweet comment.

Jaime said...

I sent you an email and put the link back up. I didn't realize when I did the template switch that I had not put up my email. It's all fixed. I hope you are feeling better. :)

Jaime said...

I knew there were a few faithful Firefox users out there. lol I learned all about computers and building websites in the html era. I have done my best to try and keep up and do pretty well...but I am not really good at the CSS stuff either (or maybe I could fix the glitch).

Fortunately you can access it on both, it just is not as pretty. What I have found is that when my eyes are hurting me I use Firefox because the graphics are not there and so it is even more gentle (although this is pretty gentle to begin with).

Take care of yourself and don't over do it. I remember what it was like to have such a crazy schedule. ;)


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