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Feeling Better

Finally I am feeling better. This morning was the first morning I have woken up without such a severe headache. I still don't have much of an appetite, but it is getting better. My nausea seems to be very mild only in the morning and although I do still have a headache it is improving. Yay! It is about time!

I emailed my neuro and gave her an update of the good news (at least I consider this good news...may be slow coming but it is better than what I was going through). I also told her about my wonderful side effect. The dreams seems to be settling a little (very little...but I will take whatever I can get) but I am still not sleeping well. For now she wants to just see if my body will adjust to the medication. I suspect just like everything else with this will just take time. Patience is not my best attribute. lol

So, just as I am now feeling better my son comes home from school yesterday not feeling good. Isn't that how it always happens? My poor baby. Just before his birthday too (It's on Sunday). He tells me his stomach hurts, he's cold, and I feel his head and he is burning up. I take his temp and it's 100.6. Not too high, but then I check his throat and it is red and swollen. Off to the doc we go. He does not have strep...thank goodness. He does have an URI however. So, he is home from school today and doing everything he can to try and feel better because his birthday party was scheduled for tomorrow. He is so sad thinking he might not get better before tomorrow. :( I told him we will just have to wait and see what happens. If we have to reschedule it to next week we will , but if he is feeling better than we will still have it. Fortunately he no longer has the fever and the doc put him on meds.

Justin is on his way in from Idaho for Nate's birthday. We are not really doing anything big this year as Nate just wanted to go to the movies and out for pizza with some friends. I think he is at that age where the typical kids parties are just not cool anymore. I am not sure. Anyway, I sure hope he is feeling better tomorrow so everything can go as originally planned.

Hopefully all of you are doing well. Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend. Take care.


Miss Chris said...

Glad you're rid of your headache. I had one for two days earlier this week. Don't you just hate that?!

(btw: I had a time trying to post this comment so I apologize if it appears more than once.

Vivian said...

I am so glad you are feeling better, just don't over do it. Continue to be cautious until you are stronger. I hope Nate feels better soon and that he has an awesome birthday. My youngest has a birthday on Thursday.
Take care!

Suzy said...

I'm so glad that you seem to feeling somewhat better. =) The worst thing for me is waking up with a headache..then I know I'm in trouble!

I hope your little guy is better for his party! How sad that he isn't feeling you said, isn't that just the way of it?

Love the look of your blog, BTW. Very nice!

Jaime said...

Boy, am I behind or what? Sorry about that! Thank you all for sticking by me lately...thing have not been easy this last couple of months, so I want you all to know how much I appreciate it!

Miss Chris, unfortunately, my headaches are still coming and going. My doctor has recently just increased my meds and because of the lovely SSDI not eligible for medicare...fighting with medicaid spenddown situation I am not sure what I will do to pay for everything now that I have just hit another $1581 deductible...anyway, I am just greatful we know what we are dealing with now and can treat it. It could be worse though. It could always be worse, right?

Viv, I am doing my best to try and take it slow....that is of course easier said than done, but I am doing my best, lol. Nate is doing much better...thank goodness he is typically very healthy and when he does get something he gets over it quick. His birthday went well. It can be so stressful sometimes to deal with birthdays and Christmas in December...I feel like it is more work because you want to be extra careful not to make them feel like they are getting jipped due to the holidays. Fortunately, Nathan is now at the age where he is understanding better the true meaning of Christmas and no longer believes in that is a bit easier....have you ever felt that stress though? lol

Suzy, It is so funny that now that I have gotten back to your comment my blog is back to its original template. lol I fooled around with it because I got board and well, I liked the others and all, but they just bothered my eyes so much. I think until my headaches clear and my eyes are not bugging I am best kept where I was....and then I thought if I am having these problems it must not be good on some other MS'ers eyes if they are trying to read my blog and they are having a hard I went back to what worked. I guess that old saying is true...if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. LOL Anyway, that is what I get for trying to be different. Maybe someday I will get just what I want...for now this is it.

Take care all of you!

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