This is MY journey with MS! I give you my thoughts, feelings, hopes, and prayers. My wish that one day this disease will come to an end. That one day there will be a cure. For now, I hold on to possibility. I HOPE this will help and inspire not only myself but others.
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Just a quick note to let you all know that I am okay...just recovering from my Novantrone on Wednesday. The chemo itself was not too bad...just takes forever. My appointment was at 2pm and it was 6 before I got home. They were really busy at the Oncology office and then it is a matter of getting a nurse who can get a good vein, and then the whole thing takes about two hours anyway. So...

The day after I did okay. Figured as long as I was to take it easy (which I have made sure to clear my schedule for two weeks this time as to not over do things like last worries) then things would be smooth sailing, right? Well...yesterday I had a headache and some nausea (even though I am on anti-nausea meds), even a bit of dizziness, and today...forget about it. I am so sick. So, I am thinking that this is how it is REALLY supposed to be with the chemo. I think October was a hoax or something. just to let you all know I am on the chemo roller coaster (or as Dave would put it recovering from Smurf Blood) and as soon as I am feeling a bit better I will be around to visit all of you! If any of you have experienced this....and have any suggestions of ways to get through the yucks then let me know!


Linda D. said... sorry you are feeling the ill-effects of Novantrone. That must suck big time as I can't really imagine. I have no words of wisdom, just empathy for your situation. Hang in there, kiddo!

Linda D. in Seattle

personallog! said...

Hi babe,

Honestly chemo is going to be different ever time you take it but one thing that stands out for me is the sickness. Sickness can only be one step closer to the good days that are coming. They will come I swear. Just grit your teeth over this time as the good bits are on there way. I realy don't want to seem too english but "keep that upper lip stiff" and you will be fine.
Love you babe and I hope you can breech a smile for me.


Jaime said...

Hey Linda,

It will get better. Any of the meds you well know. This too shall pass!

I hope you are doing well and keeping warm! It's freezing out there. Take care.


Jaime said...

Thanks Dave for the constant encouragement. I appreciate you always being here! Love ya!

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