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Do you ever feel like you just don't have time for all of this MS stuff? Of course no one wants or likes to deal with illness......that is natural. The last week I have been sick and I think that is because of the Novantrone, but there is also this nasty flu going around from what I I am not sure if I have a touch of that as well. Just my luck, eh? Hopefully not!

I continue to have a headache and with the nausea I can't help but wonder if maybe this migraine syndrome of mine is just wrecking havoc on my body....that just maybe the reason I am not responding to the anti-nausea the way I should be is because when you combine the nausea from that and the nausea from chemo it is just too much? Hmm....just a thought. So, I contacted my oncologist and he gave me samples for a heavier dose anti-nausea. It seems that as long as I don't do anything, stay still they work great! The problem is that as soon as I get up and do anything, the nausea comes right back. It is better though. I guess it will just take time. My eyes are bugging me we ever really get a break from this? I guess not!

So, what is the trick to it all? I have resolved this year to stay positive and to live my life the best that I can and that is what I am trying really hard to do. I have finally learned that each day when I get up I have to take it day by day and judge what is actually going on with me. Today I don't feel well and so I am not doing much. I am still recovering from the chemo and until I actually feel better I can't push myself (even though I have so many things I would rather be doing). I know I will be better off for taking it easy now so hopefully in a week or so I will have the energy to do the things that I really need to do!

Enough of me already......on to other stuff going on! Good news or bad news first. Let's go with the bad first. My Buddyboy had surgery yesterday. My poor baby! He has been just lying around and every once in a while he starts to whine....I have never heard a dog whine before last night. About a month or so ago I noticed a lump in his side. So, off to the vet we went and yesterday it was removed. It looks to be benign but to be on the safe side they are sending it in for testing. The vet is pretty sure it is a lypompa however, which is apparently very common in dogs. He really got the treatment done too....since he was already going to be under and was due soon, he had his teeth cleaning done as well as all the other fun stuff. He is doing better today but he still won't drink anything and is very tired. Last night he looked as if he was drunk or something.

On to the good news.....I got an email from one of Nathan's new teachers yesterday (Nathan started his new school schedule after winter break). He is doing much better in school since changing classes....he is getting a B+ in Math! I am very proud of him for taking this opportunity to move forward in a positive direction. Now we just have to get him settled into the rest of his classes and he will be good to go! I know he can do it. :)

I hope all of you are having a good week and you are feeling well. I hope that you are staying warm (it snowed here and it is FREEZING! was like 6` here the other NEVER gets that cold here). Oh, and as I am all covered in blankets I feel for Linda over in Seattle as I hear they got dumped on once again and it was like 25` or something over there....which NEVER EVER happens in Seattle! What the heck is happening to the weather patterns? So, my thoughts are with her right now (stay indoors girl!) Instead of music....I leave you with something else.....the BEST SHOW on TV! 24 is back and it was so awesome! :)


personallog! said...

Its chemo babe...its going to hurt! It will stop soon I promise. There is a good chance that it is flu as chemo opens you up for anything that going around. Your neuro should have told you that at the beging. Stick with it.

Wish I could take the sickness away.

mdmhvonpa said...

Lots of unpleasant bugs going around ... stomach flu is one of those fairly awful ones I did not get a shot for ... just the regular flu. Ghaaa.

Oh, and Good for Nathan. Good grades beget good grades.

Vicki said...

One thing that makes my MS take so much time is that it slows me down so much there is less accomplished in more time. Just a theory.

I hope BuddyBoy is feeling better by now. Good for Nathan! It’s freezing here, too, and here for me is Texas. I’m saving some cold air for July.

Heather said...

I understand the time issue, for sure. I have some papers that I have taken extensions on due Feb.1. Granted, I have delayed more than I should, but I was expecting to work a couple of hours a day at my part-time job and devote the rest to writing. I wasn't counting on doctor's appointments, IV infusions, etc. It eats away my time. Plus, I feel slower than usual at most everything.

Hang in there, Jamie!

Jaime said...

Guess what Dave? It turns out there is more to it than just the chemo....and it is not the flu either. I have a kidney stone. Fun....not! Thanks for always being here and always caring. Oh, and yes, my neuro and oncologist both told me that I am going to get everything I come in contact with if I am not careful during the two weeks after the chemo....just part of being immunocompromised!

Jaime said...

I did not get a flu shot either. I used to get one every year but since this diagnosis I have been told that I don't need one anymore. Something about how our immune systems are over active and help to prevent us from getting stuff like the flu, but now I am thinking that since I am on chemo this year maybe I should get one anyway.

Jaime said...

Oh Vicki...Don't you just hate that?! I have noticed that as well. And then you think to yourself I used to be able to do all this, what is wrong with me...oh yeah, it's the MS! It's all about learning our limitations I think. It is just not fun to have to give in to those limitations sometimes.

Buddy is doing much better now. Thanks for asking. Nathan is good and very happy with himself. He was shocked to hear about how well he was doing...should help him to only want to continue doing well!

I'm not sure what the deal is with the weather....but I am not going to be too quick to say I am ready for summer yet, because I am not a big fan of the heat either. Now if I could only find a place that was like 65-70 year round I would be in heaven! lol

Jaime said...

Heather, it will get better. When I was first diagnosed I was a full time student and working full time. The last thing I needed was this diagnosis. You will learn how to shuffle things to the Dean and get covered under the ADA if necessary. That is there to protect you so that you can have extensions if you need them. I wish I would have known about it sooner (but it saved my butt my last semester). Unfortunately MS can sometimes force us to slow down and we are just not ready to do that. Don't make the mistake that I did, which is to ignore it and then end up crashing big time. Learn to take it day by day so that you can manage. That is the best advice I can give you. I hope this helps. Hang in there!

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