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Happy Easter!

It feels like forever since the last time I posted anything. I know it has only been a couple of weeks, but it feels much longer. The month of March seemed to go by in a blink and I just can hardly believe it is April already. Where has the time gone?

Things have been busy around here. I am doing my best to conserve my energy as I just don't have time right now for my MS. The steroids have helped me get back on track, even if only temporarily until my Novantrone on the 16th. So, what has been keeping me so busy? The NMSS for one. :) I was involved in two programs for people with MS in March and then of course the MS Walk is coming soon! The first was a Dinner for Two for people with MS between the ages of 18-30 who live in central Washington. There were not as many people as we would have liked to have seen come out for this, but it turned out to be a great night. I met a really nice girl, Arika, who is from the same town I live in and we were working together for the program. She has since joined Team MMSJ and kicked major butt raising money for MS!

The second program was a Women's Wellness Retreat on Bainbridge Island. This was a 2-night, 3-day retreat with approx. 65 women from all over Western and Central Washington. We had speakers each day on a variety of topics, great food, stayed in a beautiful resort, and more. As I feel the information is of great value to everyone with MS I will be doing several posts about this give you the information that we were given by the speakers (so watch this space!) And, of course the next big event is the MS Walk. It is next weekend and as of right now my team consists of 16 walkers that will be at the event for sure, and 3 walkers that as of right now are "virtual walkers" because of work conflicts. We have raised a confirmed $1800. with more money collected. By time of the walk we should have over $2000!

You may have noticed that I have added a bunch of links to my site. I now have a section for Team MMSJ and links to businesses that have donated/helped us along the way! I also now have a section called Must See Sites. These are all amazing women who either have MS or have some how been involved with Multiple Sclerosis. I met each one of them at the retreat and highly recommend that you visit their sites.

You will probably not hear much from me until after the walk and my chemo on the 16th as I have a very busy week coming up. I am traveling back to Seattle (3rd time in one week period that I will have been in Seattle) early Monday morning. I have to be at Swedish Hospital at 5:30 am as I will be having a port-a-cath placed at 7:30 that morning. My veins have had it and so this is the next step. I then have my oncology appointment, pre-chemo labs, and a couple of other appointments in the upcoming week. Not to mention getting all the last minute things ready for the walk.....most everything is done though. I just need to pick up my team t-shirts and our committee needs to haul everything to the site and set up the day before and morning of. I will start back to regular posts after my chemo as things are surely to slow down!

Well, I hope that you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend. I am spending it with my family and some friends. We will have a nice dinner together and of course we have everything set for the kids to find Easter eggs! Take care.


Miss Chris said... do keep yourself busy :) I hope you had a great Easter!


It's a bit past Easter, but I hope the holiday weekend was a pleasant one for least no one will have to worry about large rabbits on the loose for another year anyway!

Good luck on your chemo, too!

Linda D. in Seattle

mouse said...

Jamie, I don't know how you could possibly find time to conserve any energy. Wow, may everything continue to run smoothly for you. You are an inspitational being!

some chick said...

This is a great post Jamie!!!!

Boy I wish we had time for that lunch!!!


Jaime said...

Chris, I hope you had a good easter as well! You know if it was not for the chemo I would not be able to do any of this. It has helped give me some of my life back (at least in 2 month incriments and I will take whatever I can get, lol, much better than where I was a year ago). I think it is best to keep busy (as I just may go crazy without something worthwhile to do) but of course I must remember not to over do things. I hope you are doing well.

Linda, I really need to check in with you to see how are you. I was hoping that you may have attended the retreat on Bainbridge would have been nice to meet you! I hope you had a great eater holiday.

Mouse, Thank you for your kind words. I think I would go insane if I did not have something to do, but I have had to learn with this illness how to take it a bit easier. That has not been an easy lesson for me, but my health has to come first! I hope you are doing well.

Christina, It would be so great to get together for lunch. Things should be slowing down for me now that the walk is over. Let's get in touch and arrange that soon! Take care.


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