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Walk MS 2009

What an adventure the MS walk ended up being this year. It took me literally from one side of the state to the other. Thursday I went to Spokane to pick up my friend Mary who came to support me and walk with me in both the Kennewick and Seattle walks. Friday I was supposed to be in Seattle for a doctor's appointment but because of bad weather over the pass we did not make it there. Instead we spent the day running around like a chicken with our heads cut off.....first to Sunnyside to pick up our team shirts (don't they look great???). Paul at School Spirit Etc did our shirts for us and Mr. Bill McCurley at McCurley Integrity Auto Dealerships paid for them. I can't thank either of them enough for all of their support. You could see us a mile away in those a team we really stood out (which was great and just what I was hoping for). Then we ended up going to Yakima to pick up the food for the walk because the girls from Seattle were unable to make it over the pass in the van. Talk about a crazy start to the weekend. ;)

Saturday rolled around and we went to the Kennewick Walk MS. It was a great success. Lenita's team...Team Nita's Friends had something like 50 people and raised a crap load of money. My team Team MMSJ had around 30 people. I'm not sure just how much we raised yet as people turned money in on the day of the walk and it's not all been calculated yet by the NMSS office. Oh...and on that note, if you have not donated and wanted to, donations for the teams are being taken by the NMSS until May 1st. Of course they take donations any time of the year but for the walk specifically and for the team it is just until that date. So, it was a beautiful day, warm, sunny, and a great success. The rest of the day is where it got interesting. After the Kennewick walk, Mary, Lenita, Shannon and I headed to Seattle so that we could walk for Team MMSJ in Seattle. We left Kennewick about 1pm. We made it as far as Roslyn before we came to a dead stop. The pass had been closed for avalanche control. We finally got moving only to be stopped again (this time for almost 2 hours) due to an accident at the top of the pass. Everyone had their cars turned off and we were walking around, BSing with people. It was interesting. As if that did not hold us up enough, our rental car we got (it was a 2009 Jeep Liberty) had a tire blow on us just 10 miles before we would have hit North Bend. Fortunately a wonderful man from the DOT stopped and helped us. :) This led us to Tacoma to the Sea-Tac Airport in order to trade out rental cars and so we FINALLY made it to Seattle around 9:30, almost 10:00 at night. What an adventure!

Sunday was Walk MS Seattle and it was a wonderful day. In the 70's, clear, beautiful. There were tons of people and the walk was a great success! Thanks to all who came to walk with us in Seattle (many from afar) and to Trevis who entertained us, provided us with a meeting place, yummy "special" coffee and some of the best soup and Irish bread I've had in years. You are awesome!

Monday brought our trip home which was basically uneventful. We were all pretty tired and I ended up car sick (no big surprise there). Mary and I made it back to Spokane and I am now back home in Richland.

Enjoy the pictures!


Webster said...

It looks like you had yourselves an exciting weekend. Great slideshow! Thanks. If only I had that many friends supporting me...

Denver Refashionista said...

Nice work. My husband and I are walking in Denver on May 2nd for our first time.

Anonymous said...

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