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What a week this has turned into. It is officially Sunday now, I am awake although tired (thank you very much IV Solu Medrol) and glad that this week is just about over!

I am in the midst of relapse #3 this year, although this one is more mild then the previous two were, so I am very happy about that. This week has been a long one though as I had two appointments in Seattle as well as one in Walla Walla. Talk about traveling from one side of the state to the other. My first one was Tuesday with my regular neuro and it was at that time that it was determined I was having a bit of a relapse, time for a repeat MRI, and that I needed a 5 day course of steroids. Fortunately I got my MRI results back and I am holding pretty steady. This is great news because even though I have a couple new symptoms and I have had 2 falls as well as some activity, most of it is probably more heat related than anything....gotta love the heat. NOT! Because of the MRI we did not return back to the Tri-Cities until about 2:30 Wednesday morning. Long day #1.

Thursday I had my appointment with the dermatologist to have a couple moles checked out. Turned out to be nothing to worry about....gotta love when that happens. :) He called them age spots. Who would have thought at 32 years old I would be getting age spots. I am happy for them though because if I have to have something I would prefer it to be than and not some type of skin cancer. He also told me that I have Rosacea, which finally explains all the rosy cheeks. I don't know if any of you remember but a couple of years ago when I first started to have such rosy cheeks there was some concern over my developing what they called drug-induced Lupus. The rosiness looks very much like a butterfly/malar rash (which is VERY common in Lupus). Fortunately that was not the case and over the last couple of years it has really been a case of when I am on steroids or when it gets too hot, so we just figured it was a reaction to that. Turns out those are things that can make rosacea flare and since mine is very mild, he expects with a little metro gel it will be cleared right away. Can't ask for more than that!

So long day #3 came Friday morning bright and early. We left sometime after 7 am so that we could make it to Seattle for my HALT MS transplant screening appointment that was scheduled at 11 am. Now normally this would allow us plenty of time to get there, but we did not realize it was the start of a holiday weekend and the traffic was crazy! Or so we thought. We did make it to the appointment (about 5-10 minutes late) and everything went well. The study neuro was great to answer all of my questions, both transplant and non-transplant related. I feel so much better and confident about my participation now and in many ways am very excited about the prospect of having a successful transplant and going into remission, which could very well give me my life back. That would be wonderful!

What made such a long day is that I had my IV Solu Medrol #3 scheduled in Seattle after my appointment. Turned out my potassium was low and so that took just a little longer than planned. It seemed to go quick but I think that had more to do with the fact I got the lovely jittery, talkative reaction to the steroids and well.....just could not shut up. It's funny to me how sometimes that happens and other times it wears me out so I just can't get enough sleep. Strange how our bodies react. Anyway, there was this wonderful lady next to me getting her Tysabri that was nice enough to let me go on and on. After I got through the jittery stage (of course we were gone by then) I felt bad because when we left she was saying how tired it makes her....poor thing. I am sorry if I prevented you from getting a nap you may have needed! Needless to say we did not get out of there on time and by time we did leave Seattle it was just past 3:00. So smooth sailing right? Nope! We hit the worst traffic I have probably seen yet on any of my many trips over. It took us over 6 hours to get home (a trip that takes anywhere from 3-3 1/2 depending on road conditions). From Seattle on it was bumper to bumper, but from North Bend to Ellensburg we were not driving more than about 5-15 mph (depending on the area). Finally we did make it home but it was not until just past 9.

Today brought about day 4 of IV Solu Medrol and I am exhausted. My potassium is back up but my blood sugars and BP are still a bit elevated. That is pretty typical for me on the steroids. I am so happy to report tomorrow is day 5 and I am hoping that will bring a Monday where I can just rest, relax, and maybe get some decent sleep. That would sure be nice.

I hope this find each of your enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! Take care. :)


Vivian said...

Jaime, wow you did have a busy week. I hope you are getting rest and renewed energy. If you get a chance to visit my blog there is a little gift there for you. Have a wonderful week.


Christina K. Brown said...

Hey! I lost your phone number and I have some questions about SS disabilty. Thanks Christina

DrJobinsp said...

busy week

DrJobinsp said...

busy week. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff...
i like to read this post...
thanks for sharing....

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