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Getting Ready to Go HOME!!! :)

That's right, I get to go home soon and I almost can't wait. It will be SO nice to be back at home, in my own home, own bed, with my own things. Not to mention to be around my whole longer needing my family to come back and forth and trade off so that I am covered.

So this week is not too busy. Actually I'm done for the week. I had bloodwork and clinic on Monday, an appointment with my Endocrinologist yesterday and a Long-Term Follow-Up/Discharge class today. Next week will be BUSY though. Not only do we need to pack up our belongings and clean the apartment (which is actually really clean because we have been so good about following the cleaning recommendations) plus I have my last bloodwork and clinic appointment at the SCCA (for a while that is), my summary conference (where they will give me all the information I need and that my local doctor's will need for when I'm at home), my Hickman and Port are being removed (I can't tell you how HAPPY I am for this one), appointments with my Pulmonary doc and my Research Neurologist as well as a MRI. Oh and I am being interviewed by the NMSS. They are doing an article on the transplant and will be coming to talk to me about my experience and take pictures. I think this is sent out just to our local chapter but I do know they put it online as well, so when it comes out I'll post a link for everyone! :)

I have big plans for when I get home too. My focus has priority is my health and my family. So for the next year as my immune system is rebuilding itself and I am healing that is my goal. Focus on those two things! I, of course, have to be very careful about being in crowds and will need to avoid people who have been sick, things like that....just because I am at home doesn't mean these precautions stop. I will have weekly appointments for the first month and weekly blood draws until day 100. Then it will be bi-weekly appointments and blood draws until the 6 month mark.

The last couple of days my mom and I have been going for a walk in the evening. Tomorrow I think we need to go was COLD today. I can't express how great it feels to get out and actually be able to walk around the block though. I have had many days where that would not be possible and I am hopeful that I will continue to get stronger over time, be able to walk further, be able to do more! I know there are going to be days where that is not possible, but I am looking forward to the days where I can just keep going. :) I also am planning on taking up yoga. I hear it is a great form of exercise but that it also teaches you to relax, become more stress-free. That is something we all need. When it comes to my family, my plan is to spend as much time with them as possible.

Anyway, so that is a bit of what is going on around here. Just getting excited for my return home! I hope all of you are well. :)


Anonymous said...

Jamie - don't stop posting just cuz you are going home. Your sentence at the SCCA may be over :) but you have a long way to go in your recovery from MS & the transplant. Keep us up to date. That way I know what to expect. You were the brave one ahead of me in line!


Jaime said...

Hi Rami!

Don't worry, I have no plans to stop blogging. I started this blog way before the transplant and plan to keep it going. I have not posted in a few days because it was a crazy week of appointments, getting my port & Hickman removed, packing and going home. I will probably post something tomorrow....maybe Monday. For now I am just enjoying a couple of quiet days at home with my boys. :) I hope you are doing well. Please keep me updated on your progress! Take care.


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