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Hair Loss, times with chemo.

The other day I decided to try out one of my wigs. It was the first time that I actually wore one and I have to say it wasn't too bad. You see, I haven't really felt like wearing one because well, I thought they would be uncomfortable and I was blessed to be given some really cute hats and scarves, so that's what I have been wearing. Anyway, I have this really cute hat that just doesn't look right without hair and let me tell you, I really have NO hair....okay some fuzzies just starting to come in, but for the most part NONE! LOL I was not so sure about the idea of a wig at first because I would prefer to be comfortable but the reality is I have a 14 year old. This whole situation has been difficult enough for him, if my wearing a wig, at least when he has a friend over or when we go out somewhere, makes him more comfortable then it's worth it. I'm sure he would rather us just get on with our lives and not get questions from friends about why I have no hair, what happened? Things like that. Plus, the hospital gave me two really cute wigs and they are different.

Once I'm home I will get some pictures taken and post them. One of them is really short, looks great under scarves and hats....just to have a little bit of hair come out the bottom. It's dark brown with some reddish highlights. The other one is more of an auburn color with darker roots. That's has roots. They have started doing that with some of the wigs to make them look more natural. I mean, who would think you are wearing a wig when there are roots. LOL It is more of an A cut and a bit longer.....more shoulder length. I haven't worn it yet but think it will be good with or without a hat/scarf. And for my days where I'm just going for a walk or hanging out at home....or my parents, the hats/scarves on their own will work just fine. Funny thing....I just went and looked at the back of my head with a mirror (because I can see some hair growing back in) and sure enough, I have this patch of hair on the top of my head and then another one along the base of my head, however the top is pretty much bald. Strange how it is growing back in. I guess it will all eventually come together. LOL It is really dark too, almost black. The last time I had chemo my hair came in darker, it will be interesting to see what it turns out like once it has grown in some more. I have heard people say their hair came back different. Only time will tell. :)

So I still have some nausea and I've been told some of this has to do with my coming off the steroids. I have gotten to 20mg at this point which was my maintenance dose before the transplant. My blood sugars are finally more regulated and my blood pressure is also better. My Pulmonary doc is having me stay on 20mg this week and go down to 15mg next week to see if my lungs can tolerate it. Let's hope. The best thing that could happen is the ability to get OFF the steroids FOREVER. Now that would be nice. In the meantime I will just have patience and continue with the anti-nausea meds when I need them. That and seriously learn to reduce stress in my life. Stress is an EVIL thing and I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to reduce the amount I have in my life. Well that's all I have for now. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! Enjoy yourselves! Life is too short not to have fun. :)


Webster said...

I hope you have a wonderful homecoming. Remember - KEEP WARM! You've been really brave through this, and I hope it turns things around for you.

Jaime said...

I said the same thing about steroids years ago and have not had them sense! all of the side affects are horrible.
Oh, and i have a funny wig story. my mom had just went thought chemo for breast cancer. we were all in Vegas so decide to go on the roller coaster at The Sahara Hotel. mom was wearing her wig while on the ride. we have photos of her holding the sides of her wig cause she thought it was going to fall off then the next photo was of her holding the wig against her chest. it was sooooo funny we all laughed so hard!!!! anytime we need a good laugh we just break out the photos!

Herrad said...

Hi Jaime,
Happy homecoming.

Came by to say hello and wish you a good Halloween weekend.

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

I hope you're feeling well. Thinking of you and wishing you the best. :)

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