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A Long Day...Busy! Waiting......for results

Okay, so I thought this was funny! Of course my situation is not that drastic. It is always so frustrating when you go to get some testing done and you have to wait for the results. Don't you hate that? Maybe I am just too impatient. I don't expect that I will get the results for a couple of days (I know they need time to interpret the results and send them to my doc). It is just when you get a test done and very little is being said about what is really going on, it makes you wonder. Plus, after being a push pin for so long, the waiting game gets really old!

Today, as you could probably guess from above, I went in for my Nuclear Med Bone Scan. It was not too bad. No special prep or anything, so that was good! I had to go in first thing this morning to the hospital where they did the injection. It was some kind of radionuclear dye or something. Then they sent me home (at least they did not make me sit there for a couple hours and wait). The dye gives you that lovely metallic taste in your mouth, only no where near as bad as the dreaded steroids we are all too familiar with, and it seemed to go away after about an hour. A couple hours later I had to go back to the hospital where I was put on what was very similar to a CT Scan/MRI type machine (kind of a cross between the two, not as confined as a MRI however, you are not stuffed inside of it, it moves, you don't!). The test took about 45 minutes. They strapped my arms and feet together with these bands so that I would hold still, that was the strangest part. I have never even had that for a MRI when I was in there for 4 hours. I got to see what part of the scan looked like (the very end, he re did the chest/ribs). What I saw looked very much like an x-ray to me. He said the "other" computer had a more detailed imaging and that is what the Nuclear Med doc would be reading. The one in the room was just a radionuclide version, not like I could tell one way or another if it was normal or not. So, this is how I spent the first half of my day.

On to part two of my Monday. I went to physical therapy and got in the pool. Yeah! It was nice to get into the water. It was such a nice day today, I think it was about 70' or so today. Since my relapse I have not been able to go to physical therapy, and so I wanted to finish my last 4 sessions before my insurance changes at the end of the month. I will do two sessions in the pool and two out of the pool. I go back on Thursday (out of the pool). This way I can learn some things that I can do at home that will not hurt my back (herniated disc) or make my other health issues worse. Next I went to one of the gyms to take a tour. It was an okay place. The price is reasonable. It is the closest place to my home, which is a big plus for me. The less I have to travel to get there, the more likely I will be to go. There are a couple of other places I still want to check out before I make a decision though.

By time I got home today it was already 5:30 p.m. It was like a work day or something (left at 8 this morning, back at 5:30 tonight), if only........... When I got home it was time to make dinner (Salmon and rice) and then the Schwans man came by! He has not been over in a couple of months, so I was so happy about that!!! I love it when I can do some food shopping from my living room. Once he left, it was time for Nate to go to bed. What a busy day!

I have a feeling by time Friday rolls around, and it is time to take my injection, I will have no problems sleeping. I will probably be exhausted. My whole week is going to be this way. Tomorrow is not quite as busy, but I do need to get some things done at home. Wednesday and Thursday are chuck full of doctors appointments and physical therapy. Nate even has an appointment to go to. Plus, my sister's birthday is coming up. Next week looks to be even busier. Along with multiple appointments and physical therapy, I have to return to Seattle. I am glad to be busy though, it keeps my mind active. It is so much better than sitting at home!

I hope you are all doing well and staying busy (but not too busy, I don't want to hear that anyone over did it!). Please take care and keep in touch.


mdmhvonpa said...

It is always so frustrating when you go to get some testing done and you have to wait for the results. Don't you hate that? Maybe I am just too impatient.

Heh, in the software industry we give clients a choice. They can have 2 of 3 things: Fast, cheap, correct. Pick 2 of the three and for the most part, the last two are usually selected.

Jaime said...

If only I could choose cheap and correct, lol, but as you are aware nothing in medicine is cheap, so I guess I am just stuck with the correct response, because fast is not an option....actually, it is not the hospital that is slow, it is my doctor's office. Things can sit on their fax for days! My doctor and nurse are great though, it is just the rest of the office staff. I guess you can't have it all!

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