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Communication...A Wonderful Thing!

After a very long that was filled with tears and pain (both from the MS and just being sad) my son and I had a long talk about what is going on with him, why he is behaving this way. Of course...being a 11 year old, there is only so much I could get him to open up about, but at least we talked, and that is the first step!

Today was a much better day! He told me that he is scared of what this is doing to me and it is just hard! He is so afraid (which is very understandable) and even though he wants to be here to support me and be strong he doesn't know how to. I tried to explain to him that it was okay for him to be scared, that there is still a lot about this illness that is not known, but that he should be happy that I am doing better, right? He said things like well, yes, but it still scares him to see me when I am sick the day after I do my injection (Avonex) because he is always afraid I might have another relapse or something because of it. I explained to him that the purpose of me taking the medication was to try and help me not have as many relapses and that this would help me to feel better. I think this made him feel a little bit better, but he is still bound to worry....he is my son and it is only natural to worry about the people you care about.

So, I did not take my Avonex last night (I normally would take it on Sunday's). Nathan goes to my parents house every Wednesday to do yardwork (he mows their lawn) and so I talked to my parents and we have decided that Nate is going to go to their house to stay the night every Tuesday night (thinking that it is so that he can be there bright and eary to do the lawn Wednesday morning) but it is going to be so that he does not have to be around when I do my injection. I am going to start doing my injections Tuesday night while he is at their house and then the after effects (when I am sick) will be on Wednesday while he is working in the yard. This should help him to not worry so least that is what I am hoping for! So, starting this week, my injection day is moving to Tuesdays!

I hope you are all having a good day! It is HOT here! It was 106` earlier and at almost 7pm it is still 100! Thank goodness for A/ having said that, I'm off to take Nate to a baseball game outside in the heat. I think I must be loosing it or something, lol. Fortunately I have lots of water to drink and a cool tie on my head! I hope you are all well. Take care!


Suzy said...

Awww! Oh, how well I know how little guys take to this MS stuff. Not easy! My little guy (10 years old) can't even be in the room with me when it's injection time! It totally freaks him out!

I'm so glad that you were able to come up with an alternative plan for him. It's so sweet too that Nathan mows your parents lawn. Do you know how many friends I have that have kids that won't even mow their own lawns? I just don't get that at all! lol (that doesn't happen here at our house! lol)

Oh well....I'm wishing you well in all that hot weather. It's unusually cool here right now. It's kind of scary...because it always ends up catching up to us! =o)


Jaime said...

Enjoy the cool air while you have it! LOL I don't wish this heat on anyone, especailly not on anyone with MS! :)

Nathan is very sweet to mow my parents lawn. He loves being able to go over and help Grandpa. They are best buddies! My dad had a stroke this year and then had to have foot surgery not once, but three times (including this week) and so he is unable to do any kind of yard work (not to mention other health concerns...he is very allergic) so Nathan is more than happy to do it! Plus, he gets paid to do it...and LOVES that! He takes it very seriously..after all it is his first job, lol.

Nathan is funny when it comes to my injections. This is the first time that he has voiced how he REALLY feels about it. When I first started taking the Avonex he watned to be trained how to do it and there were even a couple times he asked if he could give me my injection. I think it is because of the side effects from the medication that he doesn't like it, more than the injection itself. But, the whole thing is just one more reminder for him that I am sick and that is I think it is just best to have to go stay with my parents. At least we can try it and see if it helps. :)

I hope you are having a good night! Thanks for all of your continued support and kind words! Take care of yourself.


matt said...

that's great! i'm glad that got all worked out. i hope things start getting better.

(btw i'm one of the kids that trys to avoid mowing his own lawn. :P)

Iain Dughlais said...

that is fricking hot. A/C is a must. I'm a bluenoser, I wouldn't survive anything over 85. But that's my warm blood. :)


Jaime said...

We are trying....that is what counts! :) You should give your parents a break, however. Surprise them...go mow the lawn! LOL

Take care of yourself Matt!


Jaime said...

I am having a hard time with this heat. I thought it was hot in Utah when I lived there....but it seems almost more hot here. My main reason for moving was for the support system but everyone said there were more moderate temperatures here. Boy they were wrong....the winter was moderate (I have just as hard of a time with cold weather as I do heat), but the summer...obviously that is a whole other story!

I am guessing there is no perfect place to live...maybe San Diego where it is in the 70-80 degree range year round (not to mention a breeze from the ocean)! Then again, I am sure they have problems too!

For now I am doing my best to stay inside with the A/C on and when I MUST go outside I am wearing my cooltie on my head (at least it provides some relief)! :)

I hope you are doing well. Take care.


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