This is MY journey with MS! I give you my thoughts, feelings, hopes, and prayers. My wish that one day this disease will come to an end. That one day there will be a cure. For now, I hold on to possibility. I HOPE this will help and inspire not only myself but others.
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  • More evidence of why STEM CELL RESEARCH must continue! "It's magic." Those were the words of York great-grandmother Julia Brown who has multiple sclerosis (MS) and is experiencing an amazing improvement after "miracle" stem cell treatment." Click here for her story!

  • Tysabri's Return Draws Cautious here for more info

  • New HOPE for patients with agressive MS. "A treatment regime, consisting of a limited course of mitoxantrone followed by long-term Copaxone."

  • New study in New Zealand is trying to link the connection between MS and Climate! It is the largest study of it's kind in the world and very important in helping us all know more about what triggers MS

  • MS suffers are largely being ingnored by the NHS (UK). There is something like 85,000 people in the UK with MS (largest form of disability over there). This is disturbing to think that our illness (in a part of the world where there is such a high incidence) is not getting the help needed all because ""it is difficult." I wish we could do something to help out...any ideas?

  • Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis...Depression is not the #1 symptom (as previously thought). Can you guess what is?

  • In honor of Reggie MS'er who inspired many!

  • August 7th: Tune in to the Montel Williams show where he will dedicate the entire show to raising awareness of MS. 'To show the many faces of MS, Williams interviews a black woman who had been a ballerina, a white male attorney in his 40s, and Briana' an 8 year old who was diagnosed at age 5.

  • Four people linked to MS Support group in the UK are being charged for distributinig Cannabis. I am saddened by the idea that these people are facing charges for helping MS'ers who have gotten no relief from traditional medications. I know there is a lot of controversy about medical marijuana, but time after time we are hearing of people who get GREAT benefit from this! To prosecute these people would be a shame.

    Suzy said...

    Thanks for sharing all that info! I don't keep up with all the MS news like I should be...and because of your post I won't be missing Montel's show next month! Oh to be a child with MS!

    Jaime said...

    I can't even imagine what it must be like to have this illness as a child. As difficult as this has been for be diagnosed at the prime of my life...just finishing school, having a small child, etc. but to have your whole life to look forward to not knowing what will happen from one day to the next. I wish her and her family the best!

    I am sure she is such an amazing child. I worked in Pediatric Nephrology (kidney disease for those of you who don't know what that is) and I was always amazed at the spirit and hope those children had...they were always willing to fight (some had never known anything different). They came each week for dialysis, prepared for transplant, etc. It sounds to me as if this girl is just as amazing. I look forward to hearing about her story next month on Montel and hope that she is well.

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