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Support the MSAA!

Yesterday I got an email from Malcolm at the MSAA. He told me about some things going on at the MSAA. This is all information that can benefit each person who has been touched by MS. If you have MS or know someone who has MS....please pay attention! If you don't then please take the time to visit and purchase the Everybody Falls CD today to benefit the MSAA.

  • Everybody Falls Charity CD - This is an exciting new fundraising project for the MSAA organized by Jilladair Carlson one of the volunteer Public Education Ambassadors, together with Erik Kjelland a very talented singer/songwriter, and Jason Kamps of Woof Designs with a host of professional volunteers from the music and events industry.

Jilladair Carlson the volunteer spearheading this project sends you the following message:

My name is Jilladair Carlson and I have been a music producer and engineer for over 23 years with La De Da Productions. I am not sure how many of you know about the “Everybody Falls” event … but I would love to tell you all about it. This is an exciting project we are doing that involves a CD and a celebrity memorabilia auction.

We are having a red-carpet CD Release Party and celebrity memorabilia auction at The Guest House, the nightclub that has been toted as the “place to be” on 27th Street in New York, Friday November 17th of this year.

We have a NY publicist, Ellyn Harris that will arrange for us to appear on all of the network morning shows and major media venues. We are also looking at many different celebrities to attend the event and we have some big celebrities that are in the works with us so that they can help bring attention to this event and MSAA. We will also have a lot of celebrity items to be auctioned off at the end of the evening where all funds raised will go to MSAA. These items range from movie memorabilia, music memorabilia and sports items.

As I write the CD is being produced and will be shipping by the end of September. I am thrilled with the recording and the music is simply fabulous. I have worked with the artist Erik Kjelland for over 4 years and he has a fabulous voice and writes amazing music. He is dedicated to helping us with this event and will perform whenever we need him to in helping to promote the CD and the message of MSAA. He is a very “current” musician in his personal style and reaches audiences young to old and genres from pop to alternative to rock. I was very careful in choosing the artist who would perform on this CD and I know I made the right decision with Erik.

I would ask that you keep something in mind. We are not merely asking for someone to give us money, we are offering them a fabulous CD from a great artist in return for their $10.00. You can’t generally go into a retail store and purchase a new CD that was just released for $10.00. So please remember that we have a viable, wonderful product we are giving people in return for their support.

You can contact me directly with questions by simply going to the website for the CD and click on the contact us page. Please contact Malcolm Friend at MSAA or myself with any questions you may have.

The name of the CD is “Everybody Falls” and the single being released off of it is called “Brighter” you can hear it at it truly is an anthem for everyone touched with MS and supportive of MSAA. Please visit the site and familiarize yourself with the event and that goes along with it.

I am honored to be heading this event and hope to hear from all of you soon... I can’t stress enough how much I want to help you help MSAA with this project.

I cannot thank you enough for your support in the sales of the CD and creating awareness for MSAA. AND, on a personal note ... I was diagnosed with MS over 26 years ago and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help.

Please do what you can. Remember that every little bit helps!

  • Volunteer Opportunities - There are several areas in which you can volunteer if you are able.

1) Become a Public Education Ambassador: 'Since April, MSAA has recruited a team of 250 volunteer Public Education Ambassadors with a representation in each state who are available to speak on behalf of MSAA. We need your help as an Ambassador Support Volunteers to help seek out speaking opportunities to corporate groups, community groups, healthcare centers etc. Using your networking abilities, please reach out to those that can provide speaking opportunities and submit this information through Please email Malcolm directly to with a short note on how you intend to help on this assignment and then please start immediately. MSAA will follow up with organizations seeking speakers within 5 business days.'

2) Become a Resource Detective: 'This is a research volunteer assignment. MSAA are developing an on-line survey form to collect this information that will be available shortly. In the meanwhile we seek to learn who is interested in this assignment. (The survey form is a major update on the Excel spreadsheets previously used). Your assignment will be to research and report back to MSAA information on any number of local resources that help the MS community. This information will be used by the MSAA helpline to direct callers to local resources in addition to MSAA programs and services. This assignment restarts as soon as the survey forms are available on line. MSAA will contact all Resource Detective volunteers and those interested in this assignment at that time. Your research can be scheduled around your existing commitments. Again, to volunteer on this assignment, please email Malcolm directly to with your contact information he will follow up with you as soon as the new survey forms are active.'

3) Special Events: 'First and foremost MSAA is a charitable organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life for those with MS. Being a responsible organization we are conscious of the funds it costs to raise funds. In the absence of major MSAA organized special event (like bike rides and walks), MSAA have an ongoing volunteer program that seeks to recruit volunteers who can develop and execute a fundraising event to benefit the MSAA. The Everybody Falls charity CD is one example, as are golf tournaments, swim-a-thons, trivia nights and bake sales. Can you help? For further information on the special event volunteer assignment visit or email Malcolm directly at with your contact information and details of how you can help. He will follow up with you within three business days.'

  • Home Office Careers for those with MS - Call Center Quality Monitoring “This call may be monitored for quality control and training purposes….” Among the many call center functions that can be performed from your home office, this opportunity is custom fit for those that have the ability to work part time from home and earn up to the amount designated by Social Security.

'J.Lodge, the leading provider of these outsource services, offers permanent part time careers in this field. “Our employees perform this critical work from their homes across the country” say Mike Schrider, President of J.Lodge. “Our Analysts are recruited, trained, monitor and analyze the calls and attend meetings from their homes” says Mike.

Following paid training and certification Analysts initially earn $8.00 per hour with a pay grade review every six months. In order to meet the flexibility needs of our workforce, the pay structure is based on a pay per audit basis.

To learn more about J.Lodge please visit To apply for a position with J.Lodge please go to

Whilst MSAA do not endorse this organization, respectfully bringing this information to your attention meets our mission to enrich the quality of life for individuals with multiple sclerosis. We have had the opportunity to perform our due diligence on this organization before bringing this opportunity to your attention.'

**Please note that there are not home office career opportunities available in every state so please check with the MSAA for further information if you are interested. Thank you.

I encourage each and every one of you to take the time to visit the MSAA website -->> (link is off to the right) as well as take the time to visit the brightercd website and purchase the cd to support the MSAA. Every bit helps each of us who have been touched by this illness. If you live in the New York something fun, get out of the house and go to the red-carpet event!

I hope you are all well. Take care!


personallog! said...

Its great to see that someone is doing something! I wish I could help from over here in the UK but sadly I cannot. I hope it gets the support it diserves. I hope you are well and the treatment your getting works for you soon. I havent heard from you in what seems like weeks and hope your responding well.
Love ya babe!

Anonymous said...

I really respect the blogs you have posted. I am in a class right now where called disability narratives. i was told to choose a disability that means something to me and find out how those people are marganalized in the world. my close cousin has MS and just had to stop working because of it. i really would like to understand what she is going through. Perhaps i could ask you some questions???


Jaime said...

Thank you Jessica. It is always nice to know that I am able to help others. I have sent you an email and look forward to talking with you. I wish you well.

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